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Referring Provider Resource Center


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Who is Tomorrow Health?

Tomorrow Health is a comprehensive platform for all home medical equipment and supply needs. We coordinate amongst best-in-class medical equipment suppliers to ensure your patients get what they need, when they need it.


Comprehensive Platform

Tomorrow Health matches patients with an appropriate supplier for their needs, providing patients and physicians an exceptional experience when it comes to coordinating home based care. 


Care Advocates

Tomorrow Health's dedicated team of Care Advocates support physicians and patients, and will ensure that patients get exactly what is prescribed, delivered quickly to their homes, and with clear instructions for use.

DME Suppliers

Reliable DME Suppliers

DME Suppliers are vetted based on product categories, historical quality, geographical location, and most importantly, reliability. 

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How do I get started?

Order online with Tomorrow Health today. Place an order, track status, and more through our provider portal. 

How does Tomorrow Health work?

Check-circle Place Order
Place an order online or via phone at (844) 402-4344 or fax.

Check-circle Order is Routed
Order is routed to the best supplier for your patients' needs.

Check-circle Care Advocate Support
Our Care Advocates will work with your patients and their caregivers to keep the order on track and answer any questions.

Check-circleTrack Orders
Track order statuses through our provider portal.

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Order Sheet Library

Use the patient referrals order sheet library to download the correct form for your patients' order category and subcategory. 


Fax Cover Sheet

For Fax Orders, download this cover sheet to fax along with your order.

How to download an order or chart notes from your EHR:

Download from Epic

Use documents from Epic for our Online Order Portal. Watch tutorial or see our guide.


"You guys got done what I haven't been able to do for years. They haven't been able to give me the catheters I need. I just started with Geisinger insurance in October and this is amazing."


- Rachel, Urology Patient


If you cannot find the answers you are looking for in our resource center, please feel free to give us a call at 844-402-4344 or email us at providers@tomorrowhealth.com for further questions and assistance.

  • How do you match patients to the right supplier? Open or Close

    Once we receive all necessary documentation for your order, we use objective quality criteria to determine the best supplier for your order. We use specifics such as: location, order details like item(s) prescribed, quantity, brand specifications, and patient satisfaction, to determine the best supplier. 

    We always honor patient preference, so if there is a specific supplier a patient wants to receive supplies from, that will take precedence.

  • Do you accept orders via fax? Open or Close

    While we can accept fax orders, your order will be more efficiently processed and delivered to the patient in a timely manner if submitted through our online platform.

  • What if I already have a signed prescription? Open or Close

    If you already have a signed prescription, you'll have an option to upload the signed prescription in the ordering workflow. You do not have to get an additional signature from the prescriber. 

  • What are the advantages of ordering online vs faxing? Open or Close

    On average, referring providers spend 45% less time ordering and managing the orders for home based care through our online platform. 

    Using Tomorrow Health’s digital ordering platform is HIPAA-compliant and guides you through every step in submitting a complete order. Ordering online also gives you access to our secure messaging functionality, which allows you to message directly with DMEPOS suppliers and Tomorrow Health’s Customer Experience team to collaborate on orders. 

    If you are not comfortable submitting orders online, you may also place an order via fax or phone. Do note that these methods do not allow for the messaging and order tracking features: 

    Phone: submit via phone by calling an expert Care Advocate at 844-402-4344 

    Fax: submit via fax by accessing the relevant order forms at home.tomorrowhealth.com/providers and following the fax instructions.

  • As a participating referring provider, can I send orders for all insurance plans or just a select few? Open or Close

    Yes, you can order DME supplies for coverage by all insurers. See our All Insurer Guide for more information. 

  • How can providers sign orders? Open or Close

    We’re excited to offer a few different signing methods to reduce DME back and forth, saving you time. When providers are logged in, they can sign quickly on-screen. When staff members are logged in, they can choose to have the order signed in a few ways: They can send a link for the provider to sign the order by email or by sms text, or they can upload a signed order from their EHR. These methods do not require the provider to create an account. We also support Collaborative Practice Agreements your practice may have. Please reach out to providerservices@tomorrowhealth.com so we can help you set this up. 

  • Is signing by SMS text safe and HIPAA compliant? Open or Close

    When providers sign by text message, they will receive a link to their cell phone to sign the order. They will first confirm their identity and NPI. Once confirmed, they can review and sign the order directly on Tomorrow Health’s HIPAA-compliant portal within seconds.