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Getting to Know our VP of Talent Management

Heidi Nicoll, Tomorrow Health's new VP of Talent Management, discusses her professional philosophy, and how it will help us bring healthcare home. 

What was the career path that landed you at Tomorrow Health? 

My career path was not a straight line. I started out as an accountant when my university gave me an accounting work-study position while I was working toward my marketing degree. It didn’t make sense, but I have always enjoyed numbers so I kept the position for four years while at university. It was much easier to get a job in accounting post-graduation than marketing. After several years being in accounting and sitting for my CPA exam, I realized I missed engaging with people so I went back out to the market intending to change careers. I met a recruiter and decided I would love to do that job. That night I applied for a position, and by the end of the week I was hired. After years of running recruiting teams in the tech space I realized I was looking for a mission driven startup. Tomorrow Health was the perfect fit for what I was looking for. We have a great leadership team who are all aligned and driven by our mission of reimagining healthcare in the home.

What are you excited for at Tomorrow Health in the coming year? 

I’m excited about the growth we will have next year. We work with such incredibly smart and passionate people who are committed to our clients and company mission. We also have incredibly open-minded leadership who are willing to let our entrepreneurial spirit shine through as we find the best ways to solve problems. It is a perfect combination for a successful year to come. 

How is Tomorrow Health aligned to the shift that took place in the hiring landscape after the pandemic? 

There has been an enormous shift in the landscape of hiring since the pandemic. Candidates want to work for companies that share their values and do more meaningful work.  Tomorrow Health has embraced this change and is able to find world-class talent. There has been a redistribution of opportunities outside of hub locations. At Tomorrow Health we foster a hybrid and remote culture so that all employees are set up to do their best work. We have fully remote interviews and onboarding to get people onboarded quickly.  Though our NYC office is absolutely impressive with fantastic perks including a great location, free lunches and social activities, we embrace all employees equally. With a hybrid employee population we have thought about what employees really want and have doubled down on learning and development and career pathing to give the team the room to grow, learn, and develop both remotely and in person. 

What is your personal strategy that will elevate Tomorrow Health’s hiring approach? 

Tomorrow Health has a diverse population. It is extremely important to continue pursuing a diverse and inclusive workforce which will help to keep us close to our customers and with increasing employee morale and productivity. We will continue to build partnerships with organizations and universities that align with Tomorrow Health's values to change the system from within and fight like hell for patients. 

Being that Tomorrow Health is a mission-driven company, it is important to find candidates who have the same values and drive. We want to make sure everyone who comes through the doors has a great candidate experience and is well-educated on Tomorrow Health’s goals and how they are aligned to changing the system from within. There is so much opportunity for growth once a candidate becomes an employee. We are dedicated to the development of our employees and making them the best versions of themselves. 

When you aren’t building a best in class team at Tomorrow Health, where can we find you? 

I love trying new restaurants and cooking. I am an extremely family-first person and spend most of the summer at the beach with my partner and two children. 

I love to volunteer my time and give back to my community. In my spare time I’m a very slow runner, a hobby I started at the beginning of the pandemic.

What do you recognize as your greatest accomplishment? 

I love watching companies grow and being a pivotal part of their success. People are the lifeblood of most companies and it's great to know the decisions I make and work I do help to change the course and success of the organization. I also enjoy helping my teams achieve their fullest potential and career goals. I love seeing people who once worked on my team run large teams and departments of their own.

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