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‘Reflections on our First Leadership Council' by Eric Parnon, Director of Business Development

Eric Parnon, Director of Business Development, reflects on the first Tomorrow Health Leadership Council.

With our first meeting of the Tomorrow Health Leadership Council in the books, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how impactful it can be to convene our partners, customers, and advisors at thought leadership gatherings such as this one. Between workshops, discussions, and networking events, we spent two days immersed in the regulatory, policy, investment, and value-based landscape of home-based care.

We began with a private dinner and welcome to NYC for our attendees and Tomorrow Health’s leadership team, who were able to mingle and network over a delicious meal near our HQ in Tribeca. It was great discussing opportunities to innovate in home-based care with Jay Bakshi, specifically the opportunity to improve access to home health services through New York’s CDPAP program. The following morning, Julie Yoo, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, and Vijay Kedar, CEO of Tomorrow Health, kicked off our day of thought leadership content with a fireside chat on the home-based care investment landscape. The conversation centered around macro-level investment trends, examples of innovation in home-based care, and the current set of solutions on the market. 

We then headed into the keynote panel, “The Shift to Value in Home-Based Care,” moderated by George Barrett with panelists Phyllis Yale, Sandhya Rao, and Sachin Jain. The panelists’ perspectives on how to deliver and improve patient-centered value-based care underscores the necessity and timeliness of our solution at Tomorrow Health. Sandhya shared that when she was working as a physician, she often had to leverage workarounds because of a lack of access to data on supplies. She’d welcome a shared measure set between providers and suppliers for timeliness and appropriateness of supplies, which would also serve to bring clarity to patients’ families. 

At Tomorrow Health, our solution does just that - working to connect providers, suppliers, and members for greater efficiency and transparency, and optimizes home-based care for value.

A snapshot of the panel talk at Leadership Council

Afterwards, Eric Hargan joined me for a conversation on the home-based care policy landscape. He shared several predictions for what 2023 could bring for payors and the home-based care landscape. I found Eric’s points on what the growth of Medicare Advantage could mean for value-based innovation, which has historically been driven by FFS, to be particularly interesting.

Eric Hargan sharing his thoughts on where home-based care policy is headed.

We concluded the day’s content with a session on Geisinger Health Plan’s partnership with Tomorrow Health, presented by Dr. John Bulger, CMO at GHP. He detailed GHP’s challenges in managing members’ DME needs prior to partnering withTomorrow Health, and enumerated the outcomes we’ve helped them drive at scale, including: 

  • Reducing home-based care related phone calls to Geisinger Health Plan departments by 60,000
  • Attaining 9.5/10 patient satisfaction
  • Helping +50% of suppliers improve their order timeliness

I’ve had a front row seat to our work with GHP, and it's amazing to see what we’ve been able to accomplish on behalf of their patients in the last few quarters. Per Dr. Bulger: “We went live with Tomorrow Health right in the throes of COVID. …the biggest need for most of [our members] was oxygen, CPAP, and other things that were home healthcare and DME. We used more of that in the first three months of working with Tomorrow Health than we had ever within our health system. Quite frankly, I’m not sure we would have been able to get through it had we not had a partner like Tomorrow Health.”

This first meeting of the Tomorrow Health Leadership Council will be difficult to top. I look forward to continuing the momentum from these thoughtful conversations to improve value in the home-based care space.

Please reach out to myself or another TH team member if you’re interested in joining us for events like this one in the future!

View some highlights from the sessions in this short video:


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