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Geisinger Health Plan improves patient satisfaction and increases operational efficiency with Tomorrow Health

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The Problem


Geisinger Health Plan, a leading payor in Pennsylvania, serves approximately 540,000 members across 45 counties. Like many payors, Geisinger faced various challenges around its DME network. The company was managing over 1,900 DME suppliers, fielding complaints from patients about poor service and billing, and devoting significant administrative resources to managing this large DME network and ensuing member issues.

As COVID-19 increased the importance of home-based care, Geisinger needed a better way to get patients the supplies they needed at home.

Managing ~1,900 suppliers

caused an unnecessary administrative burden and an unpredictable member experience

4% DME spend per supplier

indicates a highly fragmented network with low referring provider and patient loyalty

Frame 25-1

Geisinger’s top supplier was rated 1 out of 5 stars by members


The Solution


Geisinger partnered with Tomorrow Health to:

   Streamline end-to-end patient experience 
   Enable timely and seamless care transitions
 Drive direct savings through the Tomorrow Health platform
  Drive indirect savings by optimizing Geisinger’s current network

Easy Implementation

The implementation process took less than three months and required no IT resourcing or technical integration work from Geisinger. Rather than spending months negotiating new supplier contracts, Tomorrow Health was able to reduce costs by optimizing Geisinger’s existing network and driving platform adoption.

Prioritizing Patient Satisfaction

Tomorrow Health offers Geisinger patients one-on-one support through its Care Advocate program. Care Advocates help patients find the products they need, assist with insurance paperwork, and answer any questions that come up along the way.

"Everything we do at Geisinger is about making better health easier for the patients, members and communities we serve. As a health plan, one way we’ve been proud to do that is by working with Tomorrow Health to remove barriers to getting the in-home care they need and improve their experience with DME providers."

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John Bulger, DO, MBA
Chief Medical Officer at Geisinger Health Plan


The Results

Happier Patients, Streamlined Processes, and Full Adoption

average patient satisfaction score after implementing Tomorrow Health
less time spent by medical providers ordering and managing home-based care
of patients start care on time, compared with an industry average of 50%


What's Next?


Exploring more opportunities for savings

Tomorrow Health will partner with Geisinger to find ways to minimize FW&A spend, shorten inpatient length of stay, and further reduce the administrative burden of DME management.

Simplifying the DME ordering process

Tomorrow Health is rolling out technology that streamlines the end-to-end DME ordering workflow, improving the experience for patient, supplier, provider, and payor.

Building relationships between suppliers and payors  

Tomorrow Health will continue working to improve relationships between suppliers and payors by helping suppliers operate their businesses efficiently, deliver high value care, and succeed in a changing reimbursement and policy landscape.
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