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‘Why I Joined Tomorrow Health' by Paige Goodwin, Care Team Advocate

Paige Goodwin, Tomorrow Health Care Team Advocate shares what brought her to Tomorrow Health.

Starting at a new company can be nerve wracking in more ways than one. You wonder how you’ll get along with people, if you’re qualified to do the job, how you’ll handle the stress, and a hundred other unknowns. These questions were on loop in my brain for weeks as I searched for a position that I thought would be a good fit as the next step in my career. One thing I was looking for in an organization was close alignment with the values they hold. I knew that if my values were aligned with the company, I would feel inspired by my workplace. My overall satisfaction with an organization was dependent on whether or not we supported the same mission and vision. After I got a better understanding of the “why” behind Tomorrow Health, I knew I wanted to grow my career here. Tomorrow Health embodies nine values, but a select few truly resonate with me. They are:

Change the System from Within
Changing any system is difficult, but the U.S. healthcare system is a beast of a particularly difficult breed. It’s incredibly confusing and fragmented, access is inequitable, and it’s expensive. It’s not enough to just want change, it takes relentless daily effort. Tomorrow Health’s approach to “bring external factors within our control” is at the core of their Care Teams, a group of people dedicated to making sure patients have what they need to heal at home. I was drawn to this aspect specifically, because it is easy to feel like many factors are out of your control when you are a patient. Tomorrow Health is changing the system by educating and empowering patients while giving them the support they need to return to their home. At some point, we will all be patients who are trying to navigate our own care and we deserve a process that does not complicate our experience.

Fight Like Hell for Patients
It’s nearly impossible to spend a day at Tomorrow Health without hearing the phrase “Fight Like Hell For Patients.” It echoes in every meeting and was one of the first things discussed with me during the interview process. It became clear to me very quickly that employees truly exemplify this value. The concept of fighting like hell for patients seems like it should be obvious in healthcare, but I don’t think most people would describe their experience this way. Like many others who found their way to Tomorrow Health, I’ve had my fair share of difficulties navigating the healthcare system and some days, all someone needs is an advocate. At Tomorrow Health, I spend my days listening to patients to understand their needs. I then work with their providers and suppliers so we can deliver care to them as efficiently as possible. Being the advocate patients need so they don’t have to worry about coordinating care in their home lets them get back to what’s most important: healing.

Aim High and Dream Big
Ambition is core to Tomorrow Health’s operations. Vijay, co-founder and CEO, always reinforces that our goal is to impact not a million patients, but a hundred million patients. There is a steady drive to improve patient care that is a constant drumbeat. Team members are always looking for the next goal, even when they aren’t sure how to get there. The mission of Tomorrow Health is a large one, and I was ready to work alongside people as ambitious as I am.

What brings people to Tomorrow Health is the mission of the company and the values people here carry every day. It’s the desire to make change even when it’s difficult, the perseverance to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves, and the ability to imagine a system beyond what it is now. Tomorrow Health's values drew me in and above all, the values of this company are what keep me here. It’s rare to find an organization that is filled with so many people who inspire me and I truly believe patients are better for it every day.

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