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Employee Spotlight: Kyle Castillo

Kyle Castillo, Tomorrow Health Platform Operations Team Lead shares what brought him to Tomorrow Health.

TH: What made you want to join Tomorrow Health?

KC: I wanted something new and challenging. I liked the idea of starting with something small because I knew that there was a potential to have impact. Upon coming into Tomorrow Health, what was really great to see is how much impact everyone has and how team members were really embodying our values externally, not just in internal conversations.

As the company is growing, there are a lot of unknowns. Being able to work through challenges and experiences in real time and create solutions with your colleagues and finding support [for that] has been something that I have not experienced at other places.

TH: What makes working at TH different from other places you have worked?

KC: I have appreciated seeing how team members are embodying the Tomorrow Health values and being able to have honest and clear discussions around those values.

It’s exciting to see how things have evolved. Even with the eight months I’ve been here, the landscape has been changing and it’s exciting to see how our operations workflow can iterate and we can have conversations on such a large scale operationally that are very direct about our values, our stances, our perspective and our culture. How [those values] can really be embodied and serve as momentum for our disruption and provide a truer sense of self for us as an organization.

“What I’ve appreciated so far, because we’ve designed a machine to be disruptive, we’re kind of that small ship weathering the storm, but we don’t yet really know how big the waves are. We can feel what the disruption is. We have a sense of what our impact is in the day-to-day but we don’t know how much things are actually shifting, because we haven’t been in these waters previously.”

— Kyle Castillo


TH: How does the TH patient experience team inspire you on a daily basis?

These patient stories from the Care Advocates are incredible…it’s incredible to see that impact on people’s lives.

So, as much as there can be a lot of unknowns on a daily basis as we discover new learnings — like how to set expectations for patients and providers and not over-promise — it’s inspiring to see the team maintain healthy relationships and build rapport with patients. They know that even though their interaction may just be a phone call or an email or a text to patients, it has the potential to change their lives.

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