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‘The Patient Impact of Customer Experience' by Kyle Castillo, Customer Experience Manager

Kyle shares patient stories that demonstrate how Tomorrow Health is prioritizing and personalizing patient care.

Customer success at Tomorrow Health is unlike traditional customer success; our goal is to restore the home as a patient’s primary place of care. Similar to other sectors of healthcare, our measure of success is the health and wellbeing of our patients. While we may not always know what their path towards recovery has been, we do know the obstacles they can face when trying to return and stay at home. Between policy requirements, clinical needs, and global supply chain issues, our team is not only a resource to help patients get their equipment, but can reassure patients as they navigate the logistics of returning home for the first time from an acute care setting. Being able to understand the unique ways we can offer support allows our team to stand apart from traditional customer success. By listening to our patients, recognizing any unique obstacles in their recovery, and providing personalized support tailored to each patient, we look to change lives one patient at a time.

Recently, our team helped a patient, let’s call him John for the sake of this story, get his CPAP equipment. For some context, a few major CPAP recalls have led to nationwide shortages and delays over the last year. John was one of the millions impacted by these delays, and anxiously reached out to our team for help. We learned that he was a truck driver and couldn’t be without a machine for an extended period of time without being at risk of losing his job. Our team not only found a solution but understood the personal implications this order had on John’s livelihood. Making sure that he could get back on the road served as motivation for our team to creatively problem solve.

Understanding the impact we can have on a patient’s life is never lost on our team. Last year, one of our team members was reaching out to a new patient regarding an upcoming order for their diabetic equipment, we’ll call her Pam. Halfway through the conversation, Pam started to feel lightheaded. As she had been driving, our team remained on the line to make sure she got off the road safely and was able to get something to eat. Our team was able to recognize the importance of staying on the line with Pam as she exhibited signs of low blood sugar. Knowing the type of support and the direct impact we can have allows our team to always keep the patient’s best interests in mind. Our team is never just limited to being able to serve in the moment, as the equipment we help process for our patients not only improves their quality of life but also impacts those around them.

When we help our patients, we’re aware that we indirectly help their families and support systems at home. Recently, we were reminded of what that impact can look like. After fulfilling an order for a patient, their wife, let’s call her Sarah, called to express how happy she was with her husband's new CPAP machine. Previously, he would cough throughout the night and disrupt her sleep but with his new machine, he was no longer waking her up. As a nurse practitioner herself, Sarah was grateful for this quality of life improvement. Being able to understand a patient’s journey to safely stay at home requires our team to understand how support systems can be structured and how best to communicate with everyone.

Over the last two years of navigating a respiratory pandemic, manufacturer recalls, and global supply chain issues, our team’s focus has been on the patient. By prioritizing the patient, our team is able to make sure each patient’s recovery can be as unique and personalized as they are. With each interaction, we have another opportunity to directly impact someone’s life and the lives of those around them. As we look down the road of Tomorrow Health’s growth, we’re excited to meet all of our new patients and help support them on their journey back home.

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