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A conversation with Anna Lenhardt, Chief People Officer

At Tomorrow Health, we strive to prioritize employee health and wellness year-round. In celebration of National Wellness Month, read on for a brief reflection on the TH philosophy on employee wellness from our Chief People Officer, Anna Lenhardt:

Q: Why are employee wellness programs important, and what, in your opinion, are the most important benefits of promoting employee wellness within a corporate culture?

A: Our employees are the heart of our business and serve our patients everyday at Tomorrow Health. The past years have been a stressful time for all of us with the COVID pandemic, Ukrainian war, racial inequality and violence, and loss of reproductive rights with the Roe vs Wade decision. In promoting a culture of wellness, I think it's important to first start with vulnerability as an organization and as a leader to admit that things are tough and create a supportive environment for those around you to process. That might mean giving people the space they need, it might mean just listening or reaching out when you know someone is having a tough day to let them know you are thinking of them.

Q: In your own words, what is Tomorrow Health’s philosophy on employee health and wellness?

A: We are continually learning and listening. One of our company values is to “Aim High and Dream Big," so we are working to build more and better ways to support our employees. We have always had a great, collaborative hybrid work culture, we are values-driven, and we curate great events and engagement opportunities in order to support our employees. In recently joining TH, I am doing a lot of listening, and building programs to support the wonderful employees who work here.

Q: How does promoting employee wellness benefit Tomorrow Health as a company?

A: I think promoting employee wellness benefits all employers. Having healthy employees emotionally, financially, and physically means you can bring your best self to work because you feel the company values you and your health.

Q: Do you feel that Tomorrow Health has a unique responsibility to their employees’ health & wellness as a company in the healthcare sector?

A: Yes, Tomorrow Health employees are incredibly mission-driven and inspired to transform healthcare and the lives of our patients and families in bringing healthcare home. We do have a responsibility to our employees' wellness and health just like we care for our patients and their families.

Q: Is there a specific employee health and wellness program you find to be particularly effective?

A: I think it's important to listen to your employees in terms of what they value and really understand your employee demographic. For example, at a prior company we offered subsidized childcare for our employees so they could work from home in a more focused and intentional way. I also think that de-mystifying mental health is very important. So many of us suffer from anxiety and stress, and having compassion for others is really important. I think as leaders, it is critical for a healthy workforce to create an environment that gives your employees time to rest and recover.

Q: As the CPO of a health tech company, how do you prioritize health and wellness in your own work and personal life?

A: I am a big believer in exercise and I do something active every day. I am also an active single parent. From watching my son's baseball games, to walking our puppy, to crafting with my daughter, I prioritize time with them. I also recently took up meditation and have found it's a wonderful way to take a moment to reflect and reset.

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