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'The Devil is in the Data' by Anusha Balaji, Strategic Partnerships

Anusha Balaji, Strategic Partnerships, discusses the critical role data plays in our mission to improve patient experience with suppliers and bring healthcare home. 

In an increasingly programmed world, teams across industries find commonality in a particular asset that inserts value into any organization: data. Data can be a democratic business tool leveraged to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and, ultimately, grow in a capacity that resonates with partners and patients. At Tomorrow Health, rigorous data capture through our end-to-end home-based care process enables us to offer suppliers unique, competitive insights that identify opportunities in their order management lifecycle. The goal of metric measurement is twofold: (1) establish a threshold for quality in service / care delivery across the home-based care landscape and (2) identify gaps in patient care. 

At the center of order intake and distribution, Tomorrow Health plays a unique role - our team is positioned to extract competitive insights on operational performance that suppliers would otherwise find challenging to collect independently. For a given KPI, every supplier’s individual performance is compared to the network’s aggregate and anonymized average performance. We establish a clear line of sight into the quality supplier teams demonstrate against competitors' performance on key metrics. During ongoing touchpoints with suppliers’ leadership and operational teams, our dedicated Account Management team contextualizes performance and highlights areas of opportunity for process optimization. Our Account Managers substantiate recommendations with deep subject matter expertise garnered through experience with comparable organizations, leveraging learnings on steps that others have taken to drive high quality in care coordination. 

In addition to operational optimization, Tomorrow Health also identifies distinct growth opportunities for suppliers. As the central point of order intake within a given network, we retain visibility into referral ordering patterns and volume trends across categories (and geographies) to pinpoint targeted channels for strategic growth. Our team surfaces these insights to partners with supplemental impact analyses. As a result of this data transparency, Tomorrow Health has deepened our relationships with home-based care partners across the spectrum, injecting value into the ecosystem as a trusted partner in business expansion.

In overseeing Tomorrow’s Health’s Account Management team and leading strategic relationships, I have seen the excitement for our robust analytics firsthand. I’ve learned that most order management teams have never received a transparent view of efficiency that breaks down gaps across workflows in the order processing lifecycle. The real-time nature of Tomorrow Health’s data equips leaders with necessary information to make immediate changes. Supplier partners find our recommendations to be effective and valuable, implementing them quickly to drive meaningful improvements. Through tight collaboration, we work hand in hand with our partners to close the gap on quality in care provision and service delivery in home-based care.

“The data provided by Tomorrow Health’s marketplace empowers us with up-to-date performance metrics so that our team can ensure the best possible care for our patients. It's the wave of the future.” - American Surgical Supply

You may be familiar with the phrase “the devil is in the details”. This idiom conveys that success is rooted in attention to the smallest of details. In the case of Tomorrow Health and the success we drive for our partners, the devil is in the data - our granular insights on operational and business performance ensure that our supplier partners have a clear picture of how to establish the absolute best patient experience. Looking to the horizon, Tomorrow Health is excited to build, learn, and grow alongside them as we, together, restore the home as the primary place of care.

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